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Are you tired of your home or investment property being vacant, hard to find good tenants, tenants not paying, just becoming a headache to handle?


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We help many landlords out of financial despair, most landlords still owe money on their house, so that means you are paying the payment out of your pocket, that simply means you are throwing money away, money that could be spent on your loving family or just a wonderful vacation. We are an effective rental and management company that can show results in significant mortgage payment savings to the landlord by placing a qualified tenant fast in your house.

Why You Need Us !!!!!

In today's market selling a home in Atlanta has become almost impossible, so a lot of owners must now become landlords and rent their home to cover the payment, this is the smartest thing you can do, you are still building equity in the home and your home should still increases in value year by year. 

Some Landlords and investors in today's market have found it very time consuming to handle the rental of their home, frustrated that potential tenants do not show up for the showing, don't have the time to go show the home on just a whim or not experienced on how to market the home like us to 1000's of potential qualified tenants.

First Impressions

How to get prepared to rent your home and showings:

Marketing your home is a team effort and you are an important part of the team, a check list below will help set the stage for a speedy rental and the highest rental rate. When a prospective tenant looks at your home, these suggestions are the very things that influence a tenant's FIRST IMPRESSION:



The inside of the home is most important!


Be sure the home is ready to show.



Getting started is easy Submit the Form and before the end of the same business day, we will start processing your request to rent your home or if you like you can contact our office directly for immediate help with one of our qualified licensed agents. 

We will schedule a time to meet and view your property, THIS IS COMPLETELY FREE ! During your free consultation we will walk-thru the property with you and offer our advice on the condition of your home and the suggested rental rate.

We will make suggestions on the maintenance you should consider before renting your home.

If needed, we can refer and arrange services such as painting, repairs, lawn maintenance and cleaning.


Finding you a Tenant

This is our main priority; we make no money unless we find you a qualified tenant.

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Cost of or service is 100% of the first months rent payable only when we bring you a qualified tenant.